Cornelius Pendragon,  known as Dragon, is a renegade. Outcast from Wizardry, he is a warlock working for the Djinn. But Dragon’s heart was never into the job, as least not since Lilith left him for her own desires.  Betrayed, he has tried to find happiness in other pursuits, but he can’t. He remembers what it was like to live as a Wizard. To be in the green world and breathe fresh air. To be part of the Nexus.
He is slacking, wandering, and it has not gone unnoticed. But his superiors have a new mission.

Dragon is to return to the city of his birth. To the people he abandoned. He is to answer for the crime of patricide and beg to rejoin Wizardry.

He will return with a proof of his trust: the person who led him astray. Lilith, the one who deceived Wizardry and seduced Dragon. She has long been the heart of the Djinn. And the Wizards would give almost anything to have her.

Even forgiveness.

Once Dragon is there, he is to find the boy the Djinn believe will one day rule the world. And he is to return the child to Djinn.